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Rather than staying at expensive hotels, more and more travelers have taken to renting furnished apartments for their business and holiday lodgings. These furnished apartments are proving to be great alternatives to the usual hotel stay. Here are just a few reasons why.

Obviously, the costs of apartment rentals are inversely related to the distance from the center of the town, and there is also a big difference between large and small towns.

These furnished apartment rentals are a great alternative for corporate relocations while the professional finds a permanent apartment or home, or for the executive on a temporary job assignment who needs housing for just a few months.

In places like Hawaii a thriving tourism industry means Honolulu apartment rentals are scarce during the peak summer months. Honolulu apartment rentals are notoriously high-priced, making it especially difficult to find affordable housing. Short-term apartment rentals are meant especially to cater to travelers. Long-term apartment rentals are calculated month wise. Apartments for rent in warm climate cities are often quite pricey and can be found in all locations throughout a particular city, and in any budget. Also in many cities apartment dwellers must meet different move-in requirements.

All throughout the country rather than staying at expensive hotels, more and more travelers rent furnished apartments for their lodging needs. Well-heeled professionals occupy high-rent apartments and town houses.

It should be noted that big city living does not always mean affordable apartments for rent. If you're trying to find an apartment in a large city you must know which apartment rentals are new and contact these apartments for rent quickly. One survey that was conducted recently proclaimed San Francisco, Atlanta, Denver, Seattle and Washington DC some of the top cities to find apartments for rent.

Also keep in mind people with pets can find it difficult to locate apartments that accept pets.

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